Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This last lay off from the railroad really taught me the importance of my family. My husband Chad, my 3 girls, mean so much to me! Anyway, we were getting ready for a wedding several weeks ago and I had a brilliant idea, LOL. We were all dressed up, outfits semi-matched, we had 4 open spots on the camera, and no tripod (hehe) but decided it would be the perfect time for a family photo! We haven't had one taken in YEARS. It isn't the 'perfect' photo but that's what I love about it. It's natural, it's my family!!!

So Chad is almost home from his 2 week training period in Atlanta. He's ready to come home and start his new job as a track engineer. I'm more than ready for him to come home. The girls and I really miss him.

The start of school is tomorrow. It's really bittersweet. I love summer, with no schedule, and being able to spend more time with the girls. The structure of the school year is also good...just wish there was more summer to enjoy!


Amber Zimmerman said...

LOVE the family pic and you look like a hottie! We start school tomorrow too. =( I'm so with you about the schedule though. That will be a relief. Hope it's a good one for your girlies!

Andrea D. said...

Popping over to say "hi"!!!!! :) Great photos! The girls are getting so big. We should introduce them to my three boys... about 15 years from now! LOL

Carrie said...

i love your sweet family!!!!

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