Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shoplifters, New Job, and Other Changes

Well, here is some of my recent work. There really isn't much new with me. I'm kind of stuck in a scrapping rut. Where are my creative juices, lol? Maybe they left with Chad :) The 3 Bugs layout was done for Create My Keepsake, the KI Memories was done for Luv2scrapbook, and the other one was just for pleasure :)

So yesterday, I'm leaving Walmart and I see two guys running down the sidewalk. I thought, hmmmm, they must be in a hurry. Then I see tennis shoes falling from the first guy and something told me they weren't paid for :rolleyes: So the other guy behind him and a girl were on the phone running after the first guy. I pulled my truck in front of him and told him the security cameras have his picture so he might as well stop. He looked at me, dumbfounded for a couple of seconds and then a cop pulled up. He was arrested right there. It was crazy, I had never seen something like that :eek:

Chad is in Georgia, training and taking schooling to be a freight conductor with CSX. We are so excited for the opportunities that will come about because of this job change. Better medical insurance (WAY better), 401 K, retirement, not to mention a much better paycheck. Chad is really excited to be out of construction and I'm just happy to see him excited about this. He is doing really well in the schooling and will be done soon. YAY!

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