Saturday, July 29, 2006

Is summer really almost over???

Where had time gone? It seems like the kids just got of school and we were preparing for our vacation to Colorado. Now we've been back 1 month already and the kids start school in 4 weeks! It just doesn't possible. There are so many things I wanted to do with the kids before summers end, so I better get crackin'.

I think I'm going to cancel my hernia surgery. I've been thinking a lot about the whole thing. I can't lift anything for 4-6 weeks can I get Chloe out of her crib? Into her car seat? High chair? Cart at the grocery store? It just isn't possible now. I think I will wait another year and I am ok with that. I wasn't exactly thrilled to have surgery in the first place, lol.

I've been scrapping like a fiend lately! I feel the urge to get some of that old stuff used up before I go crazy on the new stuff, KWIM? So I've been challenging myself and it feels good. I have also had the opportunity to work with Fancy Pants and KI Memories this month. Love it!

Hope you all are doing great!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One of those days

I am having one. You know, those days where everything that can go wrong DOES. I am so bugged at this point that I am just ready for bed. I'm afraid to do or say anything else in fear that another catasrophe will happen. *sigh*

Better news is, we've (I mean I) have been letting Chloe cry at night when she wakes up. Last night was night 3 and she slept all night, cried at 4:30 am, and woke up for good a little after 6:00 am. This is the first night I've slept almost the entire night in over a year :) Now that is happy news.

I have lots of ideas for some scrap projects just swirling in my head, but I've had no time to create. I really WANT to. Maybe I can forget about all 8 loads of laundry for one more day...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I love Lil' Davis!

Lil' Davis was a sponsor this month for Create My Keepsake, and let me tell you their stuff is awesome! Some of this stuff I would not have normally purchased. But now I think I need more, lol.

Life has been pretty boring lately, which can be ok sometimes! We did open our pool and have been swimming a lot. LOVE having a pool :) Anyone want to come over?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Whew, what a trip!

We had a great time in Colorado!!! It is almost surreal to be home. Now back to reality with housework and yardwork UGH.

I ventured to the top of Pike's Peak on a cog railway. This was a huge venture for me considering I am terrified of heights. And I have mitro-valve prolapse so I wasn't sure how the ticker would do at that altitude. But here I am, so I survived, lol!!! It was amazing, but I am afraid I gripped poor Chloe with white knuckles :) The view was out of this world. At one point we could see the state of New Mexico and Kansas at the same time. I glance really quickly just to say I did then buried my head back into Chloe, haha. She was standing up trying to climb out the window! At the base of the mountain the temp was 75 degrees. At the top it was 30 and snowing, yikes! We were 14,000 feet up. Man I love to experience new things.

The car ride wasn't TOO bad. The kids hardly fought on the way there but they made up for it on the ride back :) The condo was beautiful and had a gorgeous view of the mountains from the balcony.

Some more interesting tidbits:
Missouri has WAY TOO MANY adult stores off of I-70 :(
Tigers think babies are tiny treats :P
Babies holding objects out the window when you're 10,000 feet up is NOT a good idea
1 hour in Archiver's is not enough time...just a tease
Kansas is flat and more boring than corn fields in Indiana
DO NOT detour in downtown St. Louis just to see the'll sit there forever in traffic
DO NOT tell your husband when you and a friend get lost 5 miles from the condo trying to find a scrapbook store ;)
Colorado lightening storms are nothing to mess around with
Why is there never soap in rest stop bathrooms? Always carry hand sanatizer!
There are always those idiots at the zoo who, when the sign says please do not tap on glass, insist on doing so anyway. And who also make monkey sounds like an idiot...yeah dude, they really think you're communicating with them...

Can't wait to scrap some of these wonderful pictures I got and share them with you all!

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