Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some father daughter time

We had a family reunion in Ohio on Sunday and the girls had the opportunity to go fishing with daddy. Chad took the girls on Saturday to buy them their very own fishing poles :) They were so excited and spent the rest of the day out front practicing how to cast out their line. They had some special time together on the pond just relaxing and fishing. Taylor caught 4 fish and Hanna caught 2! I don't think I could have done better, lol. Here are some memorable pictures from that day.

Seems like there is a lot of buzz in the scrapbook world this week. Calls waiting to be received, announcements to be made, people's nerves shot...what are you waiting on this week??? I'm also SO very PROUD of my friend Beth Opel who is a finalist for the CK Scrapbooker Of the Year. She is amazing both as a scrapbooker and as a person. Got my fingers crossed for you girl!

And I've been busy in my scrapbook room :) Lots I can't share but here is some I can!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes I don't know WHERE to start

With my house that is. Closets need cleaned out, stuff needs organized, the kids need to try on last year's clothes to see what fits and what doesn't, stuff needs hauled to the attic, to goodwill, school supplies need bought...SHEESH! So frustrating, ya know? So that is what has been occupying my time, that is why I have been slacking on my blog. And I'm not even half way done. Oh well!

I did cancel my surgery for next week though. I'm going to wait about a year, when Chloe will be a little bit more dependent. I just CAN'T go not lifting her for 4 weeks. I can't. Period. But I still look ok. I mean, I know the hernia is there and yes it feels gross but most people can't tell it's there. So that is ok :) I did squeeze out a layout I've been wanting to do for a while about my comfy silver jeans. Love them!

We've been super busy too. I played 4 softball games on Saturday...yes I said 4 AND I'm super sore to prove it. I also managed to catch the ball with the hand NOT wearing the mit so my hand is nice and swollen. Yeah, smart, I know! We had a family reunion for Chad's side of the family, went to Harlan Days, Shipshewana, and the lake. Love summer. Not ready for fall yet.

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