Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Baby Turns 3

This tiny precious girl will be a big 3 tomorrow! I know we always say this, but time really does fly. I try to hang onto every moment I have with my girls. Happy birthday Chloe!

It is official, Chad returned to work on Friday. They are really behind at the tracks so this should be a good thing for our family! We feel so blessed to be getting a paycheck and insurance again. God has provided indeed!

So I found this REALLY CUTE scrap supply on a blog one night and of course, I cannot find it at our local Michaels. This is when the OCD in me comes out and I search relentlessly until I find what I *think* I JUST HAVE TO HAVE. I would be so happy with even just the papers and journaling tags. I have some wonderful girls over at Create My Keepsake who are looking for these goodies at their local M's. Thanks girls!

I also came across this blog a while ago. Suzanne makes the MOST delicious looking meals. Ever. Check it out: Suzanne's Blog.

Isn't this kit adorable?? Kristen at Mosh-Posh did an awesome job mixing manuf. in this kit. And the colors are so warm. If you have never joined a kit club now just may be the time to do so!!!!

Have a great week!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Random & Weird Facts About Your's Truly!

So my good friend, Nicole Samuels tagged me a couple of days ago and I am JUST getting around to posting some random facts about ME on my little ol' blog.

It's been super busy around the Albertson household!

The idea is to post "7 random facts" about yourself. Hopefully I can come up with that many, haha!

So if you don't know, know ya know ;)

1. I make "popcorn balls" with my popcorn. Yes folks, that's right, popcorn balls. What ARE those you ask?? take a piece of popcorn, bite off all the ends, until all you are left is a "ball" of popcorn. People often wonder WHY I would do this and what I do with the "balls" once the ends are removed. One by one they are placed in a bowl until it is full then I eat them. I eat them! Do they taste any different? No, not really. All I can say is that my Dad did this with his popcorn when I was little so it kinda stuck. Imagine the look on people's faces when I say the extra bowl is for popcorn balls, hehe.

2. Number two is also food related. When eating a snickers or milkyway, I bite around the candy bar until all the chocolate is gone. Then I eat the rest. I also do this Reese Peanut Butter cups and up until recently with peanut M & M's as well. Quite weird.

3. I smell my laundry when I take it out of the dryer, I smell my laundry as I'm putting it away, AND I smell my laundry while I'm wearing my clothes. Ever seen those commercials for Febreeze when the people are looking all crazy smelling themselves, the floor, their cars....that's me.

4. I play softball for a church I used to attend. I never considered myself a fast runner but apparently I am (according to those watching me). I got the nickname "wheels" by my team mates and the refs. And I kind of like it ;)

5. I know just about EVERY Veggie Tale song there is to know. Is that weird or just scary?

6. I love to play cards and drink beer. Classy lady huh?! When I was in high school I belonged to the "euchre club" and yes COOL kids were in euchre club. In fact, at parties I would play BETTER with each beer, lol. Men feared me and women wanted to be me. (Not really but I thought it sounded good!) I was also in Honors English, Honors Math, and Advanced Social Studies. Funny thing is I SUCK at math. Though I hardly ever drink beer anymore OR play cards, sometimes I wish I had a cold one and a good game to partake in!

7. I am an english fanatic. I have a hard time containing myself from correcting people when they talk, pointing out grammatical errors in letters, etc. etc. etc...but I will correct my husband everytime and he hates it.

Now I'm going to tag Susan Opel, Beth Opel, Rebecca Cross, Carolyn McAfee, Kate Obrien, Amy Wagler, Danielle Flanders

Happy Easter everyone!!! I'll share some Easter pics tomorrow...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Light At the End of the Tunnel, Perhaps....

As some of you know, Chad has been laid off from the railroad since October. We never imagined how tough the job market would be...I have a new appreciation for those out of work and their families.

I have thought about this non-stop and have come to the conclusion that God wanted me to learn a lesson in this, as he usually does when he puts us in difficult situations. I feel as though he bestowed upon me "contentment." To really appreciate what I have, that I've been blessed with wonderful family, friends, a caring and providing church, beautiful healthy children, a roof over my head, and food on the table.

You see, I'm quite impatient. Chad is the laid back, passive one so he has always said, "something will happen when it happens." Well not me! Everyday I prayed to the Lord, explaining to him that I know he has a plan, and will reveal it to us on "his time"....but how long would that be?!!

Well, the wait may be over. He may be going back to work within the next 2 weeks!!! God has provided once again, and I just wanted to shout a huge


to everyone who has been praying for us, thinking of us, helping us, and mentoring us. Couldn't have made this through without you!!!!!

I want to share some layouts I did for the kit club Mosh Posh. I just love these Sassafras Lass papers!!!!

The weather today is going to be beautiful....55 degrees and sunny. It has been a long winter. I'm ready for spring!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

How's It Going??

Wow, feels like soooooo long since I've updated this old thing.

I guess there has been nothing terribly exciting or worthy of blogging about happening in my life lately LOL! Let's see...

Last week I had the flu. It was horrible really. Body chills, headache, 104 temp, hacking cough, fever blisters under my nose and hives under my eyes, lol. I was looking pretty hot let me tell you!!

I went to a crop Friday night. I rarely scrapbook with other women. We had a great time....lots of food, talking, laughing, and oh yeah, a little scrapping :D I think I have gotten my good friend Colleen over to the dark side. She hadn't scrapped in YEARS. She just called me and asked if I would go with her to Archiver's tomorrow. She's addicted!

Speaking of scrapping, I was asked to join the design team for {Pink Paislee}.

I am beyond THRILLED to joing the other girls who were chosen to design for Pink Paislee. Here is a list of the offical design team:
Tammy Tutterow (DT Coordinator)
Linda Albrecht
Tina Albertson
Michelle Clement
Davinie Fiero
Danielle Flanders
Nicole Harper
Anabelle O’Malley
Nicole Samuels
Katie Watson
Lots of new faces here and lots of familiar friends as well!

I joined a flock at church, it is a small group that meets on Sundays. It is amazing sharing my faith and stories with fellow christians.

I have also been nominated as the new "secretary" for the Harlan Elementary PTA. I think they picked me because of my obsessive compulsive disorder, HA!

Here is a layout I did recently:

I CANNOT believe my baby will be 3 in 4 weeks!!!!

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