Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bella & Zoe

The girls have been BEGGING and PLEADING for a pet. I finally caved, lol. We went this weekend to Petland and purchased 2 cuddly dwarf rabbits. They are super sweet, soft, and lovable. And the girls just adore them!
This is Zoe:

And Bella:

Chloe is very gentle with them :)

Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to them. But they have found a "home" here and I could never break the girls' hearts. Hello claritan.


CarrieF. said...

Awwwww.....so glad to see Bella and Zoe after hearing about them from Chloe :) They are so sweet!!!
I'm still hearing Chloe tell me "they poop" !!! hee-hee!!!

Andrea D. said...

You da mom! My kiddos keep begging for a pet... and I keep saying N0! lol What fun new additions to scrap!

Raechelle said...

awww.... they are just precious! You are such a good mommy! :)

Sonia said...

they're darling! ONe word of warning.....make sure they're both girls.....rabbits are one of the hardest animals to "sex". I thought our rabbit was a male until we went to have him neutered...which turned into a spay. heh heh.

Kate O'Brien said...

those photos are adorable! so so cute!!! too bad you are allergic. maybe there are some meds you could take??

Wendy Reed said...

OMGosh dwarf rabbits... how freakin' cute! Zoe is my FAVE name of all time.


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