Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love this warm weather!

What have you been doing to celebrate this gorgeous weather??!

Here are some pictures from a cook out we had on Friday:

Doesn't Chloe look like my mom's side??

My little monkey...she fell on her head twice :(

Just me and the girls!

Saturday was Tay's first game. She did awesome. I have no pictures though because it was FREEZING!!! So more of those to come in the future.

Chloe's obsessions right now are bubbles and swinging. Oh yes, and the park. I hear about the park, um, everyday.

Here she was having a great time blowing bubbles.

And here not such a good time as several of the very large bubbles got in her eyes.

Taylor is growing up so fast. Doesn't she look like a little lady here? She is all of a sudden worried about her hair, her clothes, etc....does this really happen in
2nd grade?!!

Well, that's about it for now. I've done several layouts but need to snap shots first. Hopefully tomorrow :) :)


Leslie Ashe said...

Tina, your pics are so cute!! I LOVE the one of you and the girls!! :) You're a hottie patottie! I think all of your girls look like you! Oh hasn't it been NICE weather! Looks like you guys have had a fun time!! And yes...I SEE your mom in her!

Danielle said...

Tina, your girls are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Raechelle said...

Cute photos! Love the photo of you and the girls!!! Glad to hear you are out enjoying the nice weather!
Ashlyn has also been going through a clothing phase, but she wants to dress more casual now and not so dressy. They sure do grow up quickly.

Davinie said...

That's a really sweet photo of you and the girls! I love that one!

Norma Kennedy said...

Luv your pictures Tina. I had to crack up cuz when I first read the question about your daughter looking like you mom I saw the pic of ur DD hanging and than i re-read it right lol, Norma

Renee said...

fantastic pics!! such beautiful girls and I thought the same as Norma when I saw the question about your Mom's side! LOL..but then it clicked it was referencing the pic above! ha ha!! that one of you and the girls is wonderful! you all are so gorgeous!! renee lamb

Daniela said...

Those photos are adorable, looks like fun!!!

LoRi said...

Oooh, your pictures are adorable! Thanks for the peek into your adorable family! We have a cold front coming through. We need some warm temps here!

Norma Kennedy said...

Awww Tina- I thought the post was great- I needed a good laugh :' )Im such a dork anyways !

Brook said...

Can't wait to see your LO's, Tina!!!

Anabelle said...

Such sweet pics!!! The girls are lovely. ;)

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