Thursday, April 24, 2008


That is what has kept me from posting for 2 weeks now.

Softball started for me, lobb ball started for Taylor, school carnivals, family cook outs, landscaping, spring cleaning, yada yada yada....

One thing we did this past week was to take a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. Chad had to take a "forced" vacation (long story) and since we had not money or time to plan anything extravegant we decided a short day trip 3 hours south was a quick answer.

The girls LOVED it. I had so much fun watching them having fun. I have to admit that by the time we hit the 4th floor I was really ready to go lol.

The picture looks crooked, yes, because I was standing on a hill, lol.

The dinosphere is my favorite. Basic Grey Archaic paper and buttons will go beautifully with these phots ;)

I found it only fitting that they had a 'railroad' history section.

The blown glass is amazing.

Hanna and Chloe loved the Curious George area.

This part of the museum touched us the most, especially Taylor. She had so many questions, I need to take her to the library so we can research these 3 amazingly inspriational children.

We also ate lunch at Applebee's. We rarely eat out since it is so expensive. Our bill was $45!!!!! I about died! The kid's meals were $4.99 each. I really need to check the prices next time before we order. What happened to $2.99 kid meals???

On Saturday Taylor attended the Young Author's Conference. We are so proud of her and her and the story she wrote.

And little Chloe is wearing pig tails for the very first time. Love this cute little thing!

Be sure to stop by Create My Keepsake for our NSD crop. There will be lots of cool projects, challenges, inspriation, and prizes.

And Mosh Posh will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in the month of May. The celebration will be marked with a 'member's only' kit, challenges, and prizes. Lots of fun for sure.

Kristen is also having a DT search. I really encourage you to try. Her kits are gorgeous!

I will be doing my best to keep this updated. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to check back!!

Now I've really got to go, Grey's Anatomy starts again tonight :)


Danielle said...

You've been busy, but sounds fun! :) Cute pics!! Yay, I'm so excited for Grey's tonight!!

Danielle said...

loved seeing your new photos!! looks like you had a blast! :)

Norma Kennedy said...

We luv the Childrens Museum too- Glad you all had a fantastic time and I luv all your great pics !

Anabelle said...

Looks like you had a great trip! That museum looks awesome!

Raechelle said...

That museum looks amazing! The blown glass is stunning! Looks like the girls really enjoyed it. :) Love how you just had to add the BG comment... a true scrapper you are! *giggle*

CarrieF. said...

What a great day to take the girls to the museum. It's always been a favorite with my boys (still is! :))

Great pictures! busy bee!

Leslie Ashe said...

I LOVE your museum pics Tina! You have been ONE busy momma!! Congrats to Taylor!!
YAY Grey's is BACK!

jennihaywood said...

I saw a post about your friends moving to Utah. Do you live in Utah? The reason I ask is because we recently moved from St.Louis and I am looking for people to have some "cropping get togethers" When we lived in Missouri we had a huge group that would get together for crop night. You would think I would find plenty of people that did crop nights here because this is supposed to be the scrapbooking capitol of the world! LOL! I am friends with Lisa Bearnson really well but she is so busy and lives 45 minutes away from me. Okay sorry about the long post just to find out if Utah is where you are from. I enjoy your blog so much. Pink Paislee is my absolute favorite line right now...LOVE IT! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

Charity Hassel said...

tina, look at you and your little fam... so cute! my son would looove that museum.. looks like a great time!

Daniela said...

Awesome photos Tina! Your girls are adorable.

susan opel said...

I love that museum! B and I took D & J last summer. My favorite part was the glass. How touching that Taylor is so interested in the the three brave children.

Kate O'Brien said...

love all the photos Tina! your children are beautiful. looks like you had an amazing time at the museum. my boys are about to start football so i know how is goes with sports and practices and games! whew. it wears a momma out!

love and peace to you!

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