Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Blog for Pink Paislee

I love the look of rub-ons and have many packages in my stash but I never really feel as though I get great use out of them. There are always some rub-ons leftover on the sheet, very rarely do I ever use ALL of the rub-ons.

So that is why on this Wacky Wednesday I bring to you a fun solution to using up those Press-Ons!

I cut a white piece of cardstock 4 x 10″, using a notebook punch along the left hand side. I centered the entire package of Amber Road Press-Ons onto the sheet of paper, rubbing all on but the two black decorative borders. I cut them in half, then placed them on either side of the Press-Ons I just used. This gave a nice definition to the design. Doing this, I got away with using as much patterned paper.

Here are some close-up shots of the design:

I hope you have the opportunity to try this on your own!

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Juliana said...

Hi Tina! I love what you did the Amber Road and the rub ons! I seriously struggle to use them myself. LOL! I just ordered this line and I can't wait to play with it!

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