Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Random & Weird Facts About Your's Truly!

So my good friend, Nicole Samuels tagged me a couple of days ago and I am JUST getting around to posting some random facts about ME on my little ol' blog.

It's been super busy around the Albertson household!

The idea is to post "7 random facts" about yourself. Hopefully I can come up with that many, haha!

So if you don't know, know ya know ;)

1. I make "popcorn balls" with my popcorn. Yes folks, that's right, popcorn balls. What ARE those you ask?? take a piece of popcorn, bite off all the ends, until all you are left is a "ball" of popcorn. People often wonder WHY I would do this and what I do with the "balls" once the ends are removed. One by one they are placed in a bowl until it is full then I eat them. I eat them! Do they taste any different? No, not really. All I can say is that my Dad did this with his popcorn when I was little so it kinda stuck. Imagine the look on people's faces when I say the extra bowl is for popcorn balls, hehe.

2. Number two is also food related. When eating a snickers or milkyway, I bite around the candy bar until all the chocolate is gone. Then I eat the rest. I also do this Reese Peanut Butter cups and up until recently with peanut M & M's as well. Quite weird.

3. I smell my laundry when I take it out of the dryer, I smell my laundry as I'm putting it away, AND I smell my laundry while I'm wearing my clothes. Ever seen those commercials for Febreeze when the people are looking all crazy smelling themselves, the floor, their cars....that's me.

4. I play softball for a church I used to attend. I never considered myself a fast runner but apparently I am (according to those watching me). I got the nickname "wheels" by my team mates and the refs. And I kind of like it ;)

5. I know just about EVERY Veggie Tale song there is to know. Is that weird or just scary?

6. I love to play cards and drink beer. Classy lady huh?! When I was in high school I belonged to the "euchre club" and yes COOL kids were in euchre club. In fact, at parties I would play BETTER with each beer, lol. Men feared me and women wanted to be me. (Not really but I thought it sounded good!) I was also in Honors English, Honors Math, and Advanced Social Studies. Funny thing is I SUCK at math. Though I hardly ever drink beer anymore OR play cards, sometimes I wish I had a cold one and a good game to partake in!

7. I am an english fanatic. I have a hard time containing myself from correcting people when they talk, pointing out grammatical errors in letters, etc. etc. etc...but I will correct my husband everytime and he hates it.

Now I'm going to tag Susan Opel, Beth Opel, Rebecca Cross, Carolyn McAfee, Kate Obrien, Amy Wagler, Danielle Flanders

Happy Easter everyone!!! I'll share some Easter pics tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Loved reading about your quirks, Tina! You're so cute! And yes, that popcorn ball thing is a bit bizarre, but I still love ya! ;)

Amy said...

You and I would be like two peas in a pod! I eat the top of my pizza off before I eat the crust...also honors...also suck at math...also in euchre...I think we lived somewhat parallel lives...except for the mullet era!! LOL!!!

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