Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Light At the End of the Tunnel, Perhaps....

As some of you know, Chad has been laid off from the railroad since October. We never imagined how tough the job market would be...I have a new appreciation for those out of work and their families.

I have thought about this non-stop and have come to the conclusion that God wanted me to learn a lesson in this, as he usually does when he puts us in difficult situations. I feel as though he bestowed upon me "contentment." To really appreciate what I have, that I've been blessed with wonderful family, friends, a caring and providing church, beautiful healthy children, a roof over my head, and food on the table.

You see, I'm quite impatient. Chad is the laid back, passive one so he has always said, "something will happen when it happens." Well not me! Everyday I prayed to the Lord, explaining to him that I know he has a plan, and will reveal it to us on "his time"....but how long would that be?!!

Well, the wait may be over. He may be going back to work within the next 2 weeks!!! God has provided once again, and I just wanted to shout a huge


to everyone who has been praying for us, thinking of us, helping us, and mentoring us. Couldn't have made this through without you!!!!!

I want to share some layouts I did for the kit club Mosh Posh. I just love these Sassafras Lass papers!!!!

The weather today is going to be beautiful....55 degrees and sunny. It has been a long winter. I'm ready for spring!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

Good for you and Your family. We are still waiting on his timing. I am like you and Nick is just like Chad. I love the Layouts. I need to get back to scfrappin again. Have a great day!

Amy W. said...

yay for back to work! love seeing your scrappy stuff. :) i am impatient as well...josh is like chad (must be a guy thing?!?)

like you, i believe things happen for a reason and i think it is perfect how you viewed your situation. so glad things are looking up! :)

Norma Kennedy said...

Tina I am so HAPPY for you and your family. Last year we closed down our buisness after 8yrs and trying to find work that would allow our family to contiue living in the same finacial status was very hard. But..... GOD always provides !!!! Hugs to you guys and glad that you are staying postive.

You also Rocked those layouts-they are all Beautiful !


Nicole said...

LOVE your projects! I hear ya on the unemployment. It can be very trying sometimes. GL on Chad going back to work!

TheShermanFam said...

Tina...what great news!! I hope everything works out!! Keep us updated!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your projects you posted!! WAAY cute!

hugs to your fam!

Renee said...

Um...WOW...those projects just totally ROCK girl! And I am soooo happy that things are working out for your family. The Lord always has a plan doesn't he and he never lets us down. (and it's even better when he pairs us with our opposites - must be for times like those right? glad it's looking up for you! (eeners)

Danielle said...

I am so happy for you guys!!! Beautiful layouts!!

Leslie Ashe said...

Oh I couldn't be any happier for you & Chad, Tina!! YAY!

Your layouts are just beautiful!!! Pass me some of your talent, k?

Kim said...

I'm right there with you, my dh worked only 10 weeks last year and his company is now on light at the end of the tunnel as of yet...but we are hanging in there. God only gives you what you can handle. Your family is in my prayers!!

Valery said...

So glad to hear that things are on the upward swing for you and DH! We too have been in that boat, and it is so very difficult! Kuddos to you both for getting through such a tough situation!!!

LOVE those layouts girl!!! The colors and photos are just fantastic!!!

themacmomma said...

Love the LO's!
And hooray for going back to work. It's good to see blessings through trials, it helps us grow. What a relief to have the end in sight.

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Scrappermania said...

Beautiful Layouts!

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