Monday, February 18, 2008

{Making Memories}

This company is fastly becoming a favorite of mine. They hooked me with the Funky Vintage release then reeled me in with Noteworthy. I am really looking forward to the supplement to Noteworthy (Noteworthy II). It is on my "must have" list. I have been in a bit of a slump lately but managed to whip this out in 20 minutes LOL! The fastest I've done a layout in a longggggg time.

I think I'm getting sick. Of course no time is a good time but I've got stuff to do, ya know what I'm talking about?

Tomorrow morning is Chloe's 3 year check up (which is good because I think she's sick too). So I'm missing my much coveted small group tomorrow. Chad was supposed to take her but he has an INTERVIEW {insert hallelujah music here} so I will take that trade!!!

Tomorrow evening we have the Learning Fair at Taylor's school. She made a firestation out of a looks too cool. The first hour I have to work the PTA table, then off to tour the "art hallway" and eat sloppy joes. Yum.

Wednesday is my surgeon's check-up appointment. I'm hoping to goodness gracious that he tells me I can finally pick up Chloe! I miss that! Then I have to stop at the grocery store. Ugh.

Wednesday evening is a BIG big PTA meeting which I should try to go to for sure.

Thursday Chad has another interview. We feel so blessed.

So let's hope this "airborn" or whatever it is called kicks in. Fast.


Amy W. said...

love these layouts, Tina! sending good vibes for the interview outcomes. :) hope you are feeling well soon.

roree said...

Both of these layouts are beautiful, Tina! Your daughters are so sweet. ;) Take care of yourself, and I hope you start feeling better soon. Hugs!

Leslie Ashe said...

Ohhh Tina, saying HUGE Prayers for you and your hubby for a FABULOUS interview!!! :)

Love your layouts, they're beautiful!! You work that MM WELL girl!


Nicole said...

Tina...still sending positive thoughts to you and hubby for a fabulous job!!!

susan opel said...

Stiiiiiiiilllllll praying and thinking of you!

Charlotte Cramer said...

Hi!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello!!! I love your LO's!!!! :)

Amy said...

I've never left a comment I guess you're my "first" (blush)! I fixed my now you can comment all you want!! I had a great time "scrapping" last night...maybe next time I'll bring some pics!! LOL

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