Monday, February 11, 2008

Live From CHA!

How cool is it that we can see some live feed from CHA? I snagged this clip from the {Pink Paislee} blog. I would rather be THERE than HERE but I guess this is the next best thing LOL! And how cute is Tammy Tutterow at the beginning of this??!

Like I said, I would love to be in the booth with Rebecca and Holly just to see the excitement for their new lines....

Nothing much is new here.

Chloe is almost potty trained. Seems like it has gotten harder with each one.

Still no job.

Had "Mom's Night Out" on Saturday. Watched "Fools Gold", Matthew M. is HOT HOT HOT.

Chad's birthday was yesterday.

Incision is healing well.

Still scrapping.


themacmomma said...

Thanks for the CHA sneak peek!
I second the Matthew M hottness!!!

susan opel said...

I third the Matthew M hotttness. Totally unstable and erratic at times, but HOT!

I wish I had been at CHA as well.

Glad you get a chance to get out for Mom's night out!

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