Monday, June 04, 2007

Visual DNA?

I saw this cool thing on several blogs now. It is called "Visual DNA" and I just had to try it. You get to go through several options to choose your "likes" and "dislikes" and then the site puts it into this cool little slideshow for you:

So this is my "visual DNA", my favorite would have to be the "this is gross" slide, haha!!

We bought Taylor a "big girl bike" at Walmart last night. Surprisingly enough she taught herself how to ride w/o training wheels on her old itty bitty bike. Her poor knees were slapping the handlebars. So we picked her out a purple and pink girly girl bike complete with sparkly tassles, ornaments on the spokes, and a "must have" zippered pouch on the front to store all the treasures of a 7 year old :)

Have you seen the new kits at They are simply fabulous and Rebecca is adding more kits for the month of July.

I have been having fun using the new "Love, Elsie" line by KI Memories. Here is a fun layout I did last night:

Toodles (OMG haven't said that in FOREVER, haha) for now!!!


carrie*postma said...

loved your DNA! Those are so fun.
That layout is rockin'!!

Sue said...

I love that visual DNA - I tried about a month ago to put it on my blog to no avail!! How did you do that??!!! Love your Elsie layout - just adorable :)

susan opel said...

Hi Tina!

How are things? Fun about the bike - but Walmart - ickkkk. J/K!

Toodles or how 'bout TTFN!

Kelli said...

oh I love the LO...Love E is so much fun :)

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