Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Cool Find At Target

Who would have thought that deco scissors would make such a big comeback LOL??? Anyway, I was perusing Target's dollar section as I do each week when I came across these scalloped scissors. They are "smaller" than the large ones found at Dollar Tree and the "normal" Fiskars size. Of course I had to pick some up...love me some scallop!!!

We have been having a lot of fun outside. Chloe loves it and cries everythime it is time to come in. Chad told the girls the other day that is was OK to turn on the hose to play in the sand. UM, hello???? What was he thinking? This was the result of that mess:

Chloe loves the swingset. She has graduated from the baby swing and is obsessed with flying on her belly using the "big girl" swing :) :) Love that girl!

And this is "Sammy the Seal" as Hanna calls him. She asked if he could stay the night in the house, haha. I gently informed her that pool floats have a home in the barn, not in her bed. She was sad and disappointed but is ok now :)


susan opel said...

So I guess Chad failed physics (chemistry)! Ha ha! What a mess!

What's NOT to love about Target?

Working on SOY - will need your advice!

Happay said...

looks like a world of fun to me!

Julie K said...

I think that Chad was in the same class as Chris! The messier the better! But I have to say, I would allow it too! And have! So nice to find your blog from someone I don't even know! You should have told me! We will have to get together soon!

I didn't see any of the scissors @ Target but found some cute "buckets" Trying to decide what to do with one. Maybe you can help!

Talk to you soon!


Kelli said...

outside time looks fun, it's been raining and cold here so we've not been out. grrrrrr.

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