Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is the 3rd Child Always So Ornery?

Seriously. My third child, my third GIRL, Chloe, is always into EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. I love this girl soo sooo soo much and couldn't imagine life w/o her. But WOW she keeps me on my toes. Most the time I can laugh about it, other times I want to cry, lol. Let me share some examples with you:
1. This girl EATS chicken and beef bouillion cubes. Have you ever tried one? Disgusting.
2. She won't stop taking her darn diaper off. She loves to be naked. Honestly this girl loves the breeze on her tush. The problem? She pees. And where does she prefer to take her diaper off at? Why my bed of course...
3. What happens when you combine a curious toddler, with 3 tubes of glitter glaze, and excitement? You have a kid so covered in glitter that you can see her a mile away, a scrapbook room that has MILLIONS of little splatters that will take forever to clean, and 3 completely empty tubes of paint. Thanks Chloe.
4. Let's have a pretzel party. What is a pretzel party you ask? It is where you take a bowl full of pretzel stickers and you joyfully throw them in the air while yelling WHEEEEEE!!! You then proceed to step on them and crumble them into the carpet. That, my friends, is a pretzel party.
5. Wanna make your room smell like chamomile and lavendar? All you need is one bottle of Huggies lotion, a bored 2 year old, and voila instant aroma. Oh yeah, I don't know if one would consider the full bottle squeezed onto the carpet then rolled the best way to achieve that. Obviously Chloe does.
6. What would make a brand new kitchen table even prettier? How about some fork stabbing all over your seat. That is what I found on the spot where Chloe sits the other day. She is trying to kill her chair by fork. How original.
7. Baby girl, a toilet scrub brush is not a toy. Once again, gross.
8. How about a popcorn party? Yes, this is much like the pretzel party but MUCH much more messier.
9. The other day she shut herself in the bathroom. That girl is smart as a whip I tell you. She then opened the drawer so when we tried to open the door, the drawer prevented the door from opening but a couple of inches. WHAT???! Yes, and by the time we found something long enough to stick in the door, and push the drawer shut, she had some nice red face paint smeared across the back of the door. Isn't this how Picasso started out?
Well, I had better go. Chloe just peed on my comforter. Kind of ironic considering what I am blogging about...


Amy W. said...

oh Tina, i can soooo relate! i should post a photo of my little brody with my make up smeared on his face, hands, hair, and bathroom walls...TODAY (not the first time)! it was kinda funny of your little run down but i also felt your exhaustion as well! ;>

Angela Green said...

Tina, how the heck are ya! Haven't read your blog in forever and tonight thought I'd pop in and see how things are going. Well, from the reading on this post, um, well, I'd say they are interesting! Toddlers! Fun stuff!!! :D

susan said...

i can't relate AT ALL, but i'd be not so happy about someone peeing on my bed, or any of the other various and sundry mischievous things that Miss Chloe's been up to!

Andrea D. said...

I am cracking up! Yes-ser-ie... the third is definitely the most ornery. (Speaking from experience here, too.) I guess they pick up from the older two - then add their own twist, heh? Gotta love 'em though :)

carrie*postma said...

oh my goodness Tina! She is a sparkler!!! I thought little girls were supposed to be sugar and spice? My Jelly Bean does these sort of things all the time (she's 3). Tina girl, all I can say is, "you are not alone." LOL!

(sorry about your comforter)

carrie*postma said...

this reminds me...you gotta check out my sister's blog: http://mamaduhm.blogspot.com/
You will love reading her posts! they are very similar.

Carrie said...

Tina - I am the youngest of 3 girls just like Chloe and I was an ornery little cuss for my mom. At Chloe's age I loved to run around our country yard in the nude, jump on the bed and break my collarbone, empty my mom's spices on the kitchen floor so I could use the containers as "people", and hide behind the couch on brussel sprout nights. And those are the things I remember. Mom has hundreds of other stories. :)

So to answer your question....yep, I think the 3rd is the orneriet! :)

Nura Keif said...

LOL at no. 2. My younger boy used to do that. He slept in his playpen and every morning i saw him naked kekeke Love your new banner:-D

BeckyA said...

Totally relate! For me, it's my 4th one, though. My goodness, that boy can get into some stuff. I just posted on my blog about the beads in his ears. *sigh* He's 7 now and I'm still waiting for him to "grow out of it."

Love your new header, by the way!!!

Jaime said...

oh tina! you do have your hands full!!
This post made me crack up..........my sister in law has three boys. she has had fun stuff like "look, fabric softener even makes the carpet softer!" and my favorite to date....."sneak a crayon in the dryer while mom's not looking"

themacmomma said...

Tina, this post kills me!!!
I'm amazed that you can laugh most of it off!!! I'd be crying!
Very whitty commentary!

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