Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Help me find a new BLOG name!!!

I've been thinking. I'm not crazy about my blog name. Sure I know the meaning of it but other's may think I'm vain, LOL!

PLEASE help me think of a cool/fun/totally me blog name. If you will post it here, I will choose my fav and send you a fun little rakky rak! It involves some NEW Pressed Petals, some Heidi Swapp, and other goodies :) :)


Thank you thank you thank you to those of you who gave me some awesome suggestions! I decided to go with "SupahStar", the way Molly Shannon pronounced it on the show. Thanks to Carrie Postma who is so brilliant!!! Love ya girly!!!


Debbee B. said...

I actually like your blog name already but how about "The Scrappy Express"

BeckyA said...

I agree! I really like the name of your blog...it totally cracks me up! lol

jeni16 said...

How about "Scraptastic".

carrie*postma said...

How about...
Sassy Sweetness?

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