Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I've Been Thinking

I heard about the Dr. Phil show yesterday and the out-of-control mom. It made me think about the kind of mother I am. You always wonder if your kids are happy and if you are doing a good job raising them. My children are the most important things in my life, besides God. I want nothing more than for them to grow up healthy, happy, and knowing how much they are loved. I've felt a greater responsibility towards being a mother after seeing bits and pieces of Dr. Phil. I just can't imagine how people can treat their children like that. It really is disgusting and sad.

In better news, the FMC Angels won their first game 12-3! I hit a homer! My legs feel like jello today :) I am feeling old, lol!!!

I scheduled my hernia surgery in August, I am so nervous about that. I've never had surgery. I will admit I am scared. If anyone out there in cyber world has any bit of helpful advice, or encouraging word, please leave a comment! God bless!

Almost forgot! Here is a list of questions my friend Chelsea came up with to enter into our blogs for today:

1. Kind of music-christian, 80's, classis rock
2. Decorating Style-contemporary
3. Hair Color-brown
4. Piece of CLothing-flip flops
5. Item to collect or hoard-flowers!
6. Favorite City to Visit-Gulf Shores
7. Favorite job you've had-sales for Accutemp Products
8. Favorite Animal-kitties
9. Favorite Food-fettucini alfredo, popcorn
10. Favorite room in your house-my scraproom!!!

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carrie*postma said...

I didn't see the Dr. Phil show but, I did hear about it...yikes.
I'm sorry you hvae to have surgery! I have only had a c-section so that doesn't really count? All I can do is lift up a prayer for you...keep us posted!

(great list!)

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