Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy E-mail Day!

Wow! After a rough day of running a garage sale, keeping track of 3 kids, and feeling sick, I opened up my e-mail to find that Scrapbook Trends wants one of my back to school layouts for their September issue! I'm super I'm kind of not "tooting" anymore...I just feel weird doing so. That is why I'm sharing on my blog!!!


Carrie said...

Well Congrats Tina! Toot away!!!
I'm happy for ya and you should be proud!!!!

Carrie said...

....oh, and I hope you made boat loads of $ on your garage sale!

Amy W. said...

YAY for you, Tina! :>

Sandi Minchuk said...

Congrats on your ST toot!

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