Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cheap people suck!

OK, not the nicest title I realize. BUT-you would not believe this guy I had in my garage. So, he has a handful of items, MAYBE totaling $10. So he asks if I will take 25 cents for everything. I, thinking he is joking, laugh and say yeah right. Dead serious, no smile, he asks if I will take 50 cents. Again, thinking he is joking, laugh and say maybe tomorrow. Since at this time, he is not smiling nor laughing at his own joke I see he is completely've GOT to be kidding me! I told him that I paid $15 for the baby pj's alone and that I will not take less than $1.00 for those and certainly will not part with $10 worth of stuff for 50 cents. So then he says, alright, 75 cents for the whole lot...what is wrong with this man??? I tell him no, he gets ticked, says FINE and throws it all down. As he walks away he says, this was for a church donation anyway...he goes to church? What a christian like attitude!!! And his wife is still shopping like nothing is wrong. My mom and I looked at each other in disbelief. Then my mom blurts out, "ok Tina, now you can go mark everything down." That made me laugh. I am one to bargain for a deal but that man was CHEAP. Sheesh!

I did manage to squeeze out a page for Crop Addict. I'm hoping to work on stuff tonight.


susan said...

TOTALLY know what you are talking about! We had a garage sale last summer and towards the end we were telling people that we were ready to deal. We said DEAL - not give stuff away to you for the money that you found in your couch cushions! Dear LORD! What is WRONG with people?

Carrie said...

I can just see you looking at the guy like he was nuts! I'm laughing over here girl! Come you really think he was trying to get it for a church? NO! He was just trying to make you feel bad. I smell a rat!!!! The big cheapo! :)

Sue said...

Don't you hate that!?!!! good attitude, huh? But you made out anyway - that is COOL!

Hey, I just started a blog (same site as yours - pixie-power - and I can't figure out how to upload a photo. Can you help me with that?

Amy W. said...

awsome layouts!

girl, i had similar "customers" at my sale too...there are ALL kinds of people, ya know?!? ;>

What Does It Matter Anyways? said...

Ypu should have berated his wonderful 'Christian' behavior at about 80 - 90 decibels. When I think someone is going to try to grind me at my church sales, and they are usually clutching and devaluing what they aren't going to get for free, I call the dog over. Then I start growling, lol.

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