Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introducing: Bayberry Cottage, 365 Degrees, and Queen Bee

WOW is all I can say. So excited to be able to reveal by projects to you using the new Pink Paislee lines! This is just a taste of what is to come! Be sure to check the Pink Paislee blog this week as we will be revealing more and more of the new lines. There will also be some paper check back every day!

And thank you to everyone who prayed or thought about Hanna as she had her appointment in Indianapolis this last week. The results are in and there is no need for surgery *YAY!* Just some medicine and a HUGE change in routine. Hanna is such a good girl...she always tries her hardest to please.

On another note, I started reading a very cool book series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. BUT. I accidentally started with #7 instead of #1 so, yeah, I feel pretty stupid. So I have since put #7 down and am starting on #1 like I should have last week! ;) Yep, I'm pretty much a nerd.


Amber Zimmerman said...

Love your blog makeover. . .especially the glitter! So glad everything is okay with Hanna. We've certainly had our fill this year with illnesses and injuries!

Kristen Swain said...

Hi Tina- just stopping in- how totally cool that you are reading Anita Blake, I love the series! we'll have to chat about it some time!

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