Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart!

The last sneak I want to show you is the new Artisan line from Pink Paislee: Albums, letters, shapes, and tapes, oh my. I was fortunate enough to design with 2 of the albums and some of the tapes, but believe me I must get my hands on the rest. They are divine in every way! Make sure to leave a comment here on the Pink Paislee blog in order to have a chance to win some of this beautiful line! All winners will be announced Saturday night, since CHA starts on Sunday :)

Here are some more photos to leave you drooling:

On a "non scrappy" note I wanted to share this adorable shower curtain and rug I got for the girls' bathroom. Mind you I was at Target specifically for medicine as I am sick sick sick, but really, who goes into Target without a cart full of non-necessities? Seriously?

It looks too sweet hanging in the bathroom. I absolutely *heart* it!


Amanda said...

Argggg...I so looked at this for the kids bath, but we can't have the same one! It's really cute!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Loooove the new Pink Paisley! Especially the tapes and the artisan line. How fun you lucky girlie! ;-) Hope good health has returned to your home! Whenever you are ready for a crop. . .give me a call. =)

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