Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 Degrees...

Ok…we have some of you seriously worked up about our new ribbon pleats, cork shapes, flip notes and mini paper pads. I also noticed I have some friends out there who love those houndstooth letters as much as I do!! I am so glad you are loving some of our new items. One thing I want to point out is that our ribbon pleats are pre-stitched; all you have to do is add adhesive and place it right on your project. You can shape them, curve them, wrap them into flowers (or circles as you will see below) or twist them. Totally up to you! We got a lot of comments on those so I wanted to make it clear that the stitching is included. You don’t have to sew a thing ;-) I also know that our Bayberry Cottage collection color palette shocked some of you and we know it won’t be for everyone. Those colors are not for the faint of heart that is for sure! Even the members of our team were timid at first and then later they told me it was their favorite…so we say….don’t be afraid to try something new!

Now let’s move on to another new collection we are calling 365° Degrees. As this collection developed it changed from a travel theme to something more along the lines of the daily journey to self discovery. In fact for a few months we called this collection the “Pacific” project because we really meant for it to be a travel themed line. In the end we felt a tug to make it more personal so we revamped the name and focused on the journey we embark on each day in our own lives.

Everyday we create moments that matter; our new 365° Degrees collection will give you the “creative” tools to design your own life! Our new motto is this “It’s your life. Decorate it.”

So…let’s “discover” this gorgeous new collection:

Allright…..we want to hear from you again today. What is your must have item from the new 365° Degrees collection? Leave a comment on the Pink Paislee blog for a chance to win these papers before you can buy them in stores. By the way…these new items will be shipping to stores in early March.

Check back tomorrow as we reveal more products (and projects from the team) featuring the new Queen Bee collection.

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Cindy F said...

Tina, I saw your beautiful "Bumpy Road" layout on the P.P. blog last night -I'm loving it all!

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