Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So what did you do to ring in the New Year??! We had a pretty low key night, dinner and cards with friends, just a really relaxing and fun time. Our girls stayed up to watch the ball drop, a first for them.

It is official. We are preparing our house to sell. We have loved living here for the past 8 years but we need something bigger, something we can grow into. The house we found is a 2 story with a basement, which is perfect for us.

Our plans have momentarily been put on hold though due to Chad's job (and lack of work). He got bumped off his position at the railroad this week. It makes me angry because he works SO HARD for them and there are so many guys there with more time that can sit on the board, marking off for the weekends, and call in sick all the time, blah blah blah where Chad has never missed a day in 2 years. But, what can you do? I've got to trust again that God has a plan for us, whether I like it right now or not lol. My only hope is that it will pick up in 2 months or so like it normally does.

I have created some new things for Create My Keepsake but cannot share them yet. I have to say, the CMK January kit is gorgeous, check it out. My favorite one to date.

I plan on taking many more pictures this year than last. And updating my blog as well lol. But these ARE NOT resolutions so let's just keep that straight. I don't ever carry through with resolutions so they have been banned, hehe.

I hope 2009 not only brings happiness for you all, but also with a new President coming on board, I pray that he can get this economy of our's back on track. He certainly has a huge job ahead of him.


Amy W. said...

Happy New Year, Tina! Hang in there with the work, I believe it will turn around too. Chad sure does sound just like my hubby. There are so many guys that mark off constantly and Josh works above and beyond all the time that it seems unfair in times like these. Stay positive and I can't wait to see more pics AND blog posts from you! hehe ;)


Juliana said...

Happy New Year Tina!!!
I hope you all are able to get things worked out so he can get your new home!

Staci said...

Oh no, sorry about chad's job, Tina :-( I hope it turns around for you guys soon! Very happy new year to you!!

Danielle said...

Happy New Year Tina!!!! I hope that this year brings lots of work, and a new home for you guys!!!!

susan opel said...

Hugs and kisses, Tina! I hope your adorable little house sells fast, and I look forward to your updates... :)

CarrieF. said...

Happy 2009 sweet girl!
Crossing my fingers that your house sells and you get the house of your dreams!

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