Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I *heart* Chicago

I had a wonderful time in Chicago!!!

Here is a little Chicago break down:

Driving with my best bud Krista from Fort Wayne to Chicago, jamming to the best of the 80's and monster ballads, hehe.

Backing up traffic 30 vehicles back because the stupid toll machine wouldn't spit out a ticket...yikes.

Hanging out with Miss Tammy Tutterow and her sweet daughter Anna...apparently I am very "Hoosier" and had no idea lol.

Walking the floor of CHA and meeting such wonderful people! Especially the cute guy in the AC booth who hooked me up with some new yummy Thickers, YEAH!

Spending 1 hour driving downtown with Krista (love Chicago traffic...NOT!), eating supper at a cool jazz bar, riding the ferris wheel at the Navy Pier with my eyes closed the whole time, and running back to her car to avoid a $24 parking fee (which we had to pay anyway, that sucked).

Working the Pink Paislee booth with all the lovely ladies there (and Barry too!) it was so cool to share in everyone's excitement regarding the 2 new Pink Paislee releases ;)

Meeting the owner of Homegrown Scrapbooks (her crew was incredibly sweet and funny!)

Meeting up with all the CMKers (Lisa & her sister, Carrie, Krista, Norma, Audrey, Karen) and eating my supper off of a cutting board lol. I was given the LARGEST serving of mashed potatoes I had ever seen in my life. They also have dessert that is HUGE, I mean large people.

Hitting IKEA on my way home....I LOVE THIS STORE. Why can't Fort Wayne have something cool like this?

This is Krista and I down by the Navy Pier:

The ferris wheel that I was TERRIFIED to ride in....thanks Krista, I certainly DID NOT conquer my fear of heights!

Me and the ever-so-adorable Lisa Tilmon. This girl is awesome...and her southern twang is CUTE cute cute! (Thanks for the picture Carrie!)

Me, Carrie, and Lisa...Carrie is a DOLL, love you to pieces girl!

Audrey, Norma, and Carrie...I LOVE you girls! And LOOK at that dessert!

Carrie, Juliana, and Me...very true and lovely women!

I will share more later...thanks so much to Krista and Carrie for sharing your lovely pictures with me!!


KimmyS said...

Oh I am sooooooooo jealous. It looks like such a fun time! And what would I give for that dessert...he he

TheShermanFam said...

You guys all look sooo cute!! Looks like you had an awesome time...and I noticed that GIANT peice of cake in Carrie's post...I mean really!! That's HUGE! HA!


Leslie Ashe said...

Oh my goodness you sure had a TON of fun Tina!! :) I'm so sad I didn't get to make it to meet you girls..maybe next time! :)
Your pictures are GREAT!!!

My gosh...that is ONE huge a mongo piece of cake..wow!

Have a happy week!


Lauren said...

I'm jealous too! that sounds and looks like a blast!

Raechelle said...

I am so jealous! I am also glad to read that you had a blast!!! :)

Danielle said...

love the photos!! It looks like you had so much fun!!!!!

rae said...

How fun!!!!
Man, if I still lived in Chicagoland I would have been there in a heartbeat to meet you all ~ glad that you had such a great time!!

creasa said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! You look so cute as usual.

themacmomma said...

Talk about cute!!!
You are so cute!
Love the picts!
So glad you had a good time at CHA!

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