Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why does summer always seem to fly by????

I remember when I was young, having 3+ months of summer vacation. It is undoubtedly shrinking and I don't like it LOL!

We finally got our pool open! The water was a chilly 68 degrees on Father's Day but we all swam anyway. It was pure torture getting in but once we were there it wasn't too bad. Tay is obsessed with swimming and only asked me 40 times that day before I finally relented!

Taylor is also going through a funny face phase....I can't take her picture without this mechanical cheesy grin everytime:

This girl knows no fear...

And my Dad made it over to my house for a Father's Day cook out. We don't get to see him very often and the girls really enjoyed the time they got to spend with him.

We made our first trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo. I recently purchased a pass and hope to make it there several more times before summer's end. I am so mad that gas is climbing at such an astronomical may put and end to the season pass, darn.

The sky view ride over the construction site for the new 'African Veldt' is much better than last year. Instead of bulldozers, dirt, and trees; there were bulldozers, dirt, trees, fake rock, the start to a wooden trail and hut, and a ground hog. Yep, a ground hog was the only visible animal. The kids thought that was great *chuckle*. I am very afraid of heights and it was almost unbearable sitting there, dangling from this little suspended car. Of course I rode with Hanna and my friends 6 yr. old and they are hoopin' and hollerin' and shaking the thing, with no fear whatsoever lol. Really made me look like a chicken.

I got this layout done for the Pink Paislee blog, it is based on a sketch from the Pencil Lines website:

I also got some layouts done for Mosh Posh using their 'sold out' June kit:

I received some really cool product in the mail and am just waiting for some 'playtime'....Lord only knows when that will happen. I will soon be the new owner of a box of BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Pink Paislee product, due to be introduced next month at CHA Chicago!!!!!

Have a great week!!!


Nancyroo said...

Love your LO's and your kids are adorable!

LoRi said...

How cute are you and your girlies?? I love all your new layouts and I'm so jealous that you are getting that box of fresh Pink Paislee!! I want it! :0)

Michelle StClair said...

Summer does seem to be going by so dang quick here too! Great photos!!!!! YOur girls are getting so big!!!

The Design Experiment said...
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Leslie Ashe said...

OOPS that deleted comment would be me, LOL! I was signed in with my Design X blog name..silly me. :)

YOU & your girls are just gorgeous!!

Girl - you're so talented...I LOVE your layouts and cards! So yummy!

Have a great week!

KimmyS said...

Wow you have been busy Tina and I love what I see!

I totally know what you mean about the summer. I remember the time when we had months and months of the same weather and now the seasons change twice daily *snigger*

Amanda L. said...

Love that Upside Down layout.....enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Danielle said...

How cute, love the pic of you and your girls! Love your yummy layouts too!!! I second Leslie, you are one talented chickie!!

Julie O. said...

Great photos and such fun projects that you have completed! I love that Pink Paislee layout. Too cute!

TheShermanFam said...

I am excited that you spent Father's day with your dad. Made me think of the LO you did about him a while back. Hope it was a great day!
AND I love all of you LOs, cards...and NEW PP!! Can't wait to see it!

Raechelle said...

Cute pics! Kara is going through the same photo phase and she is 17. *eyeroll*
Your layouts are gorgeous! The Upside Down page is so cute, and the one you created with the sketch is fabulous! I am looking forward to the yummy layouts you'll create with your new PP stuff! :)

Dena said...

Girl I havent been to your blog in ages. So happy I stopped by. Your girls are growing up so fast it is just incredible!

And I am sooo envying the box of Pink Paislee that is headed your way!

susan opel said...

A) Fort Wayne Zoo (sniff, sniff)
B) Cute card to submit to Paper Crafts!
C) See you at CHA! Woo hoo!

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