Sunday, January 06, 2008

My {Sweet} Husband

Chad and I have been married 9 years now and we have definitely had our differences. I'm the clean, organized, tidy, and uptight one and he is, well, not! I have been stressing to him these past couple of days of his need to step up around the house because of my upcoming surgery, and I will go crazy if I am laid up in a dirty house. I figured he was "half" listening to me while he watched t.v. and relaxed on the recliner.

Well today I got home from church and the dishwasher was running. Strange, I hadn't turned it on before I left that morning. I did a double take and the kitchen table was immaculate, the counters were cleaned, and all the pots and pans were washed! I also heard the faint sound of the washer and dryer going. What??! I couldn't thank him enough as this now gave me time to play a board game with the girls. He continued to do 4 more loads of laundry, vacuum, and sweep the floor. I am now stunned at this point because he has gone above and beyond his call of duty! A girl could get used to this!

About 2 hours later (after I got done playing a painfully long game of LIFE with the girls) he calls me into our bedroom. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the CLEANNESS of it all but there it was, spotless! You see, I have a spot in our bedroom, on my jewelry chest where I harbor all kinds of junk. Receipts, pictures, loose buttons, change, barrettes, ticket stubs, chap stick, pens, basically whatever comes from my pockets or purse that I don't know what to do with. (I know you have one of those spots too!) He had cleaned this off. Everything was gone. He asked me if I wanted to know where he put everything (or thrown it away) and I said DON'T TELL ME. If I don't know, I won't miss it, and I don't want to know what you threw away. He did tell me that I had receipts dating back to 2005 on there LOL! That is terrible!

Chad really left my jaw dropping when he cooked supper AND did the dishes afterwards. I love it! I just hope it continues!!! See, I guess I can be surprised after 13 years together after all!

I also wanted to give a shout out (and a little sneakie) to Rebecca and Holly who are the geniuses behind {Pink Paislee}. I stole this image from Rebecca's blog because I want all my scrappy friends to admire the total CUTENESS of these stamps!!! They will be releasing a big line of scrapping goodness at CHA Winter in February so be on the look out!

PS, the above layout is based on a sketch by Valerie Salmon, and was taken from her sketch blog, Got Sketch? Her website is FULL of amazing inspiration!!!


Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary Tina!

Carrie said...

Aww, that's so darn sweet of Chad!! It must be a guy thing, because it took Ed that long to get that I really do need help sometimes. :) Sounds like we both have a couple of sweet keepers! :)

And yes, I do have one of those junk spots - and it's actually on my dresser too! hee-hee!

Danielle said...

WOW! What a good catch you have there! Hang on to that one! And good luck with your surgery too. Hope everything is OK. Oh, and I have spots all around the house like that, catching stuff, I don't know why!! Drives me nutso though!

Andrea D. said...

Wow - lucky you! Great to have somewhat of a day off and have it done for you, heh?! Best of luck on your upcoming surgery. *HUGS* to you!

Raechelle said...

What a keeper he is! :) That was really sweet! Maybe he's hoping this will get him off the hook. lol!

And don't worry about the house. It will still be there even if it's not how you would keep it. Trust me. ;) I went over two weeks without seeing anything other than my bedroom and it was a mess, but it was all good.

Sue said...

oh, those stamps are so darn cute!! And so is your layout :) what a sweet thing for Chad to do...and what a nice surprise to come home to!!

Leslie Ashe said...

what a SWEETIE you have Tina!!!
I LOVE your layout!!!!!!!! :)

Rita said...

I am so glad to hear that your hubby truly stepped up to the plate when you needed him to -- that is so sweet! Love your layout -- and those stamps are adorable -- so glad you posted them. Guess I need to check out Rebecca's blog too!

Have a good weekend!

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