Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let's Catch Up K?

I'm still here lol. Just lots going on in my life right now.

Well, I attended my first CHA in Chicago last week. It was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I met Elsie Flannigan and Becky Higgins. Both were totally sweet and down to earth. And of course I'm a HUGE fan of Elsie's work and new line so it was such an honor to "meet" her :) I met so many of my on-line friends. All the girls on my 3 Bugs DT, Kris & Rick Turner (the owner's of 3 Bugs), Creasa Brown and Lydie, Gretchen McElven, the fabulous Opel Sisters, Rebecca Cross, Kim Musgrove, Carrie Postma, Barb, Vicki Boutin, Greta Hammond, some wonderful girls from Scrapsupply, my friend Andrea Deer released a new line for Scrappin' Sports and More (she rocks!), my pals from Fort Wayne Carrie and Sue were also there, not to mention all the girls I ran into that I may not have "known" but had good laughts with, and so many talented designers who's work I really admire. I also "stalked" from afar Jennifer McGuire (she was across our booth working for Hero Arts), and yes I know no shame whatsoever. I think my friend Lydie turned me into a "scrapstalker" but that's a whole different story! I totally stole this photo of Beth, Susan, and I as I DID NOT bring my camera, GASP!

This was my first "break" away from my kids, well aside from giving birth LOL! It has really refreshed me. The last night of CHA a bunch of us girls went down to Navy Pier for a rockin' meal and some drinks. I felt like such an "adult" haha. I love the city life but I would never want to life there.

I was also thrilled to come back and get my comp copy of Card Creations 5 which I was lucky enough to have a card featured on the cover. Mine is the one with the flowers, butterfly, sun, and fun little cut grass.

We are gearing up for Harlan Days (a local fair) and the start of school. Can't believe it is that time again! It is bittersweet really. We will get back into a routine but now I have to wake up EARLY...sigh.

At Create My Keepsake we had Crafter's Workshop as our July sponsor. If you've never checked them out they have some kick butt templates. I made this rainbow with their "circle circle dot dot" templatelayout is a total throwback to the 80's. Rock on!!!
I'm also hosting a manufacturer challenge at Create My Keepsake. Gotta make room for all the new CHA goodies! So come on over and hang out! The site is also hosting a HUGE contest this month where you can win LOTS of the new Scenic Route goodies. You've seen the new Scenic Route right? Yep, it is gorgeous!!!


Adnrea D. said...

A cover girl?!?! Wowsers, girl! Kudos to you -- how awesome is that! Great to see you in Chicago :)

themacmomma said...

Yea for you getting the cover!
Love that card!
So glad you had fun at CHA!
Love the rainbow LO!
You are awsome!

susan opel said...

Omg! The rainbow layout is TDF!!!! Is that Bell's?

Glad you stole the pic. We three are a cutiepatootie trio!

creasa said...

Makes me happy that you roller skate. My kind of girl. Wish you lived closer. Congrats on the cover!! So awesome!

Lydie said...

Tina, girl, you kill me. I did NOT turn you into a scrap know you were already one and I just brought out the "worst" in you! LOL!
Can I tell you that i am in love with your rainbow rollerskating layout. That is just too cute! Hope you are having a great day!-Lydie

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

Wow congrats. I love that layout, I saw it a couple days ago on CMK.

Sue said...

It was great to see you at CHA - love your skate layout!! And congrats on being a cover girl - too cool :)

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