Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Of This & Some Of That

Have you ever done a kit swap at an on-line site? Well not like this one! I host the kit swap at Create My Keepsake and these ladies continue to WOW me each month!!! I received this gorgeous kit from my friend Roree today! Sign ups for the next round will take place next month. Come check it out in the "roundtable" at the CMK forum :)

I have one more Hambly layout to share. I have scrapped these photos over and over, they are my favorites. I love the Urban Lily with the Hambly graph overlays. I am going to have to get some more of those!!

And I have such a busy week ahead of me!
*Mail paypal items and IRS payment.
*Pick up (2) birthday presents.
*Call about re-financing the house.
*Call all the women helping with the Teacher Hospitality meal at Harlan.
*Schedule nursery duty at church.
*Taylor and Hanna both have practice.
*I have practice for softball.
*Get groceries.
*Clean house, grandparents are coming over.
*Taylor has practice.
*I have practice.
*"Serving Up A Little Humor" at Harlan Elementary that night with Taylor.
*Make chicken for 60 teacher's at Harlan.
*Make brownies for ladies at church.
*Pick up food from amish ladies.
*Drop off food at Harlan Elementary in the teacher's lounge.
*10:00 am, get food and all preparations ready.
*Drop off Brownies at church.
*1:00 pm, clean up food in teacher's lounge.
*Hanna has practice.
*Make Buffalo Chicken Dip for friend's birthday party. (35 people)
*Birthday party from 1-3 PM
*Birthday party from 2-4 PM
*ANOTHER birthday party from 3-?

Sorry. It really helps me to make lists :) :)


Nura Keif said...

Wow what a busy week!! So jam pack. Have fun and have a wonderful week!!:-D

Happay said...

I make lists too :)
you forgot Scrappy Hour
just kidding!

Mary Jo said...

Gorgeous layout, Tina!
You've convinced me to invest in those Hambly overlays :0)

Daniela said...

You are a busy girl, Tina :)

Amy W. said...

wow your list made me extremely tired. lol yummy stuff you got in your swap! love your kit swap, thanks for doing a great job! :>

carrie*postma said...

i love lists!!! GREAT LAYOUT! I love what you did with the Hambly!

Andrea D. said...

LOL -- Lists really DO help, don't they?! How do we keep up with everything?! Do you just pass out at night from exhuastion like I do?! LOL And love love love that layout!

Sandra said...

Wow! Busy girl!! I'm so dying to participate in the kit swap :)

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