Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some father daughter time

We had a family reunion in Ohio on Sunday and the girls had the opportunity to go fishing with daddy. Chad took the girls on Saturday to buy them their very own fishing poles :) They were so excited and spent the rest of the day out front practicing how to cast out their line. They had some special time together on the pond just relaxing and fishing. Taylor caught 4 fish and Hanna caught 2! I don't think I could have done better, lol. Here are some memorable pictures from that day.

Seems like there is a lot of buzz in the scrapbook world this week. Calls waiting to be received, announcements to be made, people's nerves shot...what are you waiting on this week??? I'm also SO very PROUD of my friend Beth Opel who is a finalist for the CK Scrapbooker Of the Year. She is amazing both as a scrapbooker and as a person. Got my fingers crossed for you girl!

And I've been busy in my scrapbook room :) Lots I can't share but here is some I can!

Have an awesome weekend!!!


susan opel said...

I'm pretty proud of that Beth Opel girl, too!

So I just love imagining everyone working on casting with their brand new fishing poles. Too cute! They sure did better than I ever did!

When will I see you again, TA?

beth opel said...

CUTE layouts, Tina Ballerina! You have been busy!

You are so SWEET to give me a shout out! Big interview today...thanks for the good thoughts!

themacmomma said...

Love that photo of big sis holding on to Chloe's shirt! Tender!

Have a good weekend!

Sue said...

making' fisherman out of Daddy's girls', eh?? my brother would be proud, LOL! it's always so much more fun when you actually catch fish - yay for them :)

Sandi Minchuk said...

Very cute layouts, Tina!

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